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The box you need to market/sell your EAP

If you’re just getting started, you need our sales box.

This box includes such valuable items as Sales and Marketing PowerPoints, sample EAP contract and a suite of powerful letters, everything you need to get your first client. Everything you need to market and sell your EAP service. This box will save you endless time and money.

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If you want to preview these newsletters, you can download the EAP Contract Template from our Sampler Box

Box Resources

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Account List For EAP Marketing Purposes
Word Document - 19.5 KB
Cover Letter For Marketing Packet
Word Document - 19.1 KB
Cover Letter For RFP
Word Document - 18.7 KB
EAP Account Budget Worksheet
Word Document - 106 KB
EAP Contract Cover Letter
Word Document - 19.5 KB
EAP Contract Scope Of Services
Word Document - 24.5 KB
EAP Contract Template
Word Document - 28.9 KB
EAP Marketing Document
Word Document - 34.7 KB
EAP Marketing PowerPoint Template
PowerPoint Presentation - 68.2 KB
EAP ROI Document
Word Document - 20.4 KB
EAP sales call fu ltr
Word Document - 18.4 KB
EAP sales ltr 2
Word Document - 17.4 KB
Letter to benefits broker
Word Document - 18.1 KB
Marketing cover letter 1
Word Document - 19 KB
Marketing cover letter 2
Word Document - 18.4 KB
Sales Call Questions
Word Document - 25.7 KB
Sales Cover Letter
Word Document - 20.2 KB
Sample EAP brochure
PDF - 112 KB
Sample EAP RFP
PDF - 70.4 KB
Sample RFP Questions for EAP
Word Document - 157 KB
Value of EAP's
PDF - 229 KB
Only $100

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